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DECSim Overview

What is Network Planning?

DECSim™ is an advanced wireless radio network design and simulation tool developed in-house by BBS Access specifically for use with the company’s family of DECT based Wireless Local Loop (WLL) voice and data communication equipment (DECLoop / DECLoop5000 / IP-Max™). DECSim™ is intended for use by professional radio network designers. DECSim™ is used to develop initial designs of large fixed radio networks, design expansions of existing networks, verify or optimize existing networks, and to analyze potential problems with installed networks.

Software Features

•  An advance network planning tool specifically designed for multi-layer, multi-carrier,
   TDMA based network design.
•  Simultaneous simulation of traffic, RF propagation and DECT air interface.
•  Optimizes network infrastructure utilization with future expansion in mind.
•  Shortens network design turnaround time.

Software Architecture

DECSim™ interates three simulation tools into one package that can perform simultaneous traffic, RF propagation, and DECT air interface simulations,

Coverage Analysis
•  A wide variety of of line-of-sight, non-LOS, and street level models can be used for both dense
   urban and rural environments. Modular design allows customized propagations models to be developed
   and implemented easily.

•  Automatic mode selection based on individual path profile, distance, and morphological environment
   provide accurate coverage analysis in multi environment designs.

•  Flexible link budget parameter settings include receiver sensitivity, fade margin, and RSSI therehold for
   individual radio units.

Air Interface and Interference Analysis
• Full signal to interference ration (SIR) analysis for both uplink (TX) and downlink (RX) links provides for
  easy identification and rectification of even localized network interference problems before installation.

• Dynamically tunable RSSI and SIR parameters for individual base-stations and subscriber units allow for
  flexible "what if" network design analysis.

• Full simulation of customizable DECT air interface algorithms, icluding dynamic channel allocation (DCA),
  can spot problems not seen in simple RF coverage or traffic calculations.

Traffic Analysis
DECSim™ provides detailed traffic, call progress, call blocking, and grade of service (GOS) analysis for
  each individual subscriber. Single subscriber problems can be easily identified and corrected.

• Easy analysis of base-station loading, relay base station loading, network loading, and individual
  subscriber base station usage patterns.

• Simultaneous coverage, air interface and traffic analysis can spot elusive problems in a network design,
  and highlight their exact cause even for complex network behaviour.

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How Does DECSim Work?

Unlike many design tools, DECSim™uses full Monte Carlo simulation of network performance, providing unequaled power and accuracy.

Input and Output
DECSim™ accepts a wide range of topological and morphological data that is used to build accurate three dimensional problems for simulation.

Multi Model
DECSim™ includes a wide range of well established RF propogation models that dynamically select the best model for any terrain or environment.

Real-time Design
DECSim™ is capable of simulating over 1 milliom calls/second, allowing real-time network design, analysis and tuning.

Graphical Interface
With the real time graphical interface small problems anywhere in the network can be spotted and corrected easily.

Detailed Output
DECSim™ produces full nerwork design parameters for all radio units in the nerwork, including all subcribers.

Network Expansion
Flexible network design is also used to study requirements for future network expansion. Understanding future configurations can minimize the time of subcriber base and services.

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Application Diversity

Applicable to small as well as large scale problems with tens of thousands of transmmiters, it is equally useful for rural and dense urban environment.

Designed specifically for DECLoop™ & corDECT based WLL equipment, DECSim™ is easily adapted for analysis and design of any DECT based communication system.

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